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I was frustrated with my lack of growth. I seemed like no mater how much I wanted to reach my potential, procrastination and demotivation was stopping me. I ended up assuming I just wasn't meant to do anything with my life. After speaking with Andrew, not only was I able to overcome my problems, but my whole world view shifted. My energy increased, my health improved and my happiness skyrocketed. Andrew may be young, but I can tell he's unlocked a lot of life's secrets.

Anna Olson 

Never have I met anyone more passionate than Andrew. I didn't realise that a teenager could be so filled with passion. His energy is contagious and his skills speak for themselves. I came to him about growing pains about my business, I left with a step by step plan to make more money AND serve more people.

Julian Moore

Learn How To Coach Yourself

Learn the well known but little understood method that Marcus Aurelius and Bill Gates used to coach themselves.